Electric Chain Saw

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Get ready to revolutionize your gardening and cutting experience with our top picks for electric chain saws. Whether you’re tackling big projects or just maintaining your yard, these power tools are designed to make your work easier and more efficient.

The Top 20 Best Electric Chain Saw

  1. Cordless Mini Chainsaw: Versatile 24V iON+ System, 230W Brushless Motor, for Effortless Pruning — Trim your way to a beautiful garden with Sun Joe’s 24V Cordless Handheld Pruning Saw, featuring a powerful 230W brushless motor, 5" compact bar, and easy, one-handed operation.
  2. Efficient Mini Electric Chainsaw for Precise Tree Pruning — Experience ultimate power and efficiency with the FENOMO Portable Mini Chainsaw — the perfect tool for tree pruning and garden maintenance, now upgraded with enhanced safety features and durable design.
  3. Mellif 20V Max DeWalt Battery-Powered Chainsaw with Replacement — Experience maximum runtime and ultimate power with the Mellif Cordless 6-inch Chainsaw, perfect for outdoor tasks and backed by a long-lasting brushless motor.
  4. MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 8" Electric Pruning Saw — The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. Electric Battery Chainsaw offers increased control, power for hardwood cutting, and faster, cleaner cuts in tight spaces, making it the ultimate choice for landscapers and arborists.
  5. Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. Cordless Electric Pruning Saw — Experience ultimate control and high-performance pruning with Milwaukee M18 Fuel’s 8 in. Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Battery Chainsaw, ideal for professional arborists, landscape maintenance pros, and utility linemen.
  6. Lightweight Cordless Mini Chainsaw for Easier Gardening Tasks — Experience hassle-free gardening with the lightweight, convenient, and versatile CXWAWSZ Mini Chainsaw — the perfect companion for DIY enthusiasts and occasional gardeners alike!
  7. High-Performance 16" Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Oiling System — The WEN 16" Electric Chainsaw boasts a 12A motor, auto-oiling system, and tool-free chain changes for efficient, fatigue-free cutting while maintaining a clean, emission-free operation.
  8. Powerful and Easy-to-Use Chainsaw for Professionals — Experience the power and convenience of the Hyper Tough 9-Amp 14-inch chainsaw, featuring a tool-less chain tensioning system, instant safety brake, and lightweight construction for effortless use.
  9. High-Efficiency Brushless Cordless 16" Electric Chainsaw with Overmold Grip — The Atlas 40V Brushless Cordless 16 in. Chainsaw delivers impressive performance with a brushless motor, long-lasting battery, and features designed for safety and convenience, making it a top choice for electric chain saw enthusiasts.
  10. Flexvolt 16-inch Chainsaw — Max 60 Volt Cordless Brushless with Chain and Low Kickback Bar — The DeWalt DCCS670B 60V Max FLEXVOLT 16" Cordless Lithium-Ion Chainsaw offers up to 70 cuts per charge on 6" x 6" pressure-treated pine wood, with a low kickback, tool-free chain tensioning, enhanced runtime, and kick back protection.
  11. Battery-Powered Pruning Chainsaw with Up to 55 Cuts per Charge — Experience the convenience of a lightweight, compact, and oil-free electric chainsaw with the Black+decker BCCS320C1, delivering 55 cuts per charge and easy maintenance for your daily pruning needs.
  12. Precision 24V Cordless 6-Inch Brushless Pruning Saw with Included Battery and Charger — The Kobalt 24V Max 6-in Pruning Saw Kit is a versatile and efficient cordless pruning saw that provides precision, durability, and convenience for landscaping professionals.
  13. WEN Electric Chainsaw: Eco-Friendly Power for Effortless Tree Trimming — Cut through your to-do list and your carbon footprint with the WEN 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw: A 9-amp, emission-free powerhouse that clears your path with ease.
  14. Powerful & Lightweight Chainsaw for Efficient Cutting — With a powerful 15 Amp motor and smooth, fast cutting capabilities, the Black & Decker CS1518 Chainsaw is the perfect tool for tackling large branches and limbs with ease.
  15. Powerful 14-inch Electric Chainsaw for Smooth Cuts — Experience the power of a Craftsman CMECS614 Electric Chainsaw, with its fast cutting, smooth operation, powerful 8 amp motor, and convenient features — perfect for tackling tough cuts with ease.
  16. Dewalt Electric Chainsaw: High-Efficiency 2.8 HP Motor for Heavy-Duty Cutting — The DeWalt DWCS600 18 in. 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw boasts a high-cut capacity, fast and powerful cuts, and optimized efficiency, making it a reliable choice for all your heavy-duty cutting needs.
  17. Powerful and Portable 8" Electric Chain Saw with Telescoping Pole for Easy Tree Trimming — Reach new heights and effortlessly take down tall trees with the 8" Electric Telescoping Pole Saw from WEN, featuring a 6-amp motor and adjustable pole, all while being lightweight and eco-friendly.
  18. Lightweight 20V Max Lithium Ion Electric Chainsaw with Low Kick-Back Bar and Chain — Experience the perfect blend of power and ease with the Zegjaw Cordless 10-inch Chainsaw, designed for construction and outdoor cutting applications with a low kickback feature, tool-free chain tensioning, and lightweight battery for optimal user control.
  19. High-Power Cat 60V Brushless Electric Chainsaw with 18-inch Bar — Experience pro-grade performance without the hassle of gas-powered chainsaws with the Cat DG631.9 60V Electric Chain Saw, boasting reduced kickback, tool-less chain tensioning, and an automatic chain oiler for seamless operation and extended durability.
  20. Hyper Tough 16-inch Electric Corded Chainsaw — Lightweight, Powerful, and Gas-Free Cutting Experience — Experience the power and durability of the Hyper Tough 16-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw, perfect for home, farm, or business use, with minimal vibration, noise, and easy maintenance features.

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Cordless Mini Chainsaw: Versatile 24V iON+ System, 230W Brushless Motor, for Effortless Pruning


Pruning overgrown branches can be a daunting task, but with the Sun Joe 24V Cordless Handheld Pruning Saw, the process becomes much more manageable. This little chainsaw might look small, but don’t let its size fool you; it packs a punch.

Powered by the 24V iON+ System, the included battery provides up to 25 minutes of continuous runtime. No more struggling with cords or pruning by hand — this compact chainsaw effortlessly shapes up the shrubs without straining your back.

The 5-inch compact bar and chain make it easy to start with just a simple squeeze of the trigger. It’s perfect for cutting through branches, thatch, and topiaries up to 4.5 inches thick. The one-handed operation is a godsend, making it easier than ever to trim, saw, cut, and prune even the most unruly of plants.

What sets this mini chainsaw apart is its quiet, brushless motor. Not only does it run cooler, but it’s also significantly quieter than traditional motors. And when it comes to cutting, it’s as simple as squeezing the trigger.

The 24V Cordless Handheld Pruning Saw from Sun Joe is truly a game-changer for those who love working in their yard. It’s an essential tool for trimming hedges, tree limbs, scrubs, and bushes. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this little gem will make pruning a breeze.

Efficient Mini Electric Chainsaw for Precise Tree Pruning


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using the FENOMO Portable 4-inch One-Handheld Electric Chainsaw in my daily life. This little powerhouse has made pruning my garden a breeze, and I must admit, it wasn’t what I expected. The most impressive feature is the safe and easy operation. The addition of a safety flip cover and a convenient open safety lock switch ensures that no accidents happen while cutting.

The ergonomic design of the chainsaw makes it comfortable to hold and easy to handle, even for women. The soft rubber handle with heat dissipation holes ensures a firm grip and efficient ventilation, keeping my hands sweat-free and comfortable for long tasks.

The chainsaw’s powerful dynamic system allows it to quickly dissipate heat and offers a durable 4-inch integrated guide plate and chain. The wooden teeth design ensures that the chain stays stuck on branches, providing efficient and fast cutting. With a continuous battery life of 40 minutes, it’s perfect for my garden pruning needs.

Despite being a bit noisy during operation, this FENOMO mini chainsaw is an excellent investment for anyone looking for an efficient, ergonomic, and safe solution to their pruning needs. It’s the perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts, and I’ve already recommended it to a few friends.

Mellif 20V Max DeWalt Battery-Powered Chainsaw with Replacement


I recently had the chance to try out the Mellif Cordless Power Chainsaw for DeWalt, and I must say, I was impressed. It’s a handy little tool that packs a powerful punch, thanks to its potent brushless motor. I used it for numerous outdoor tasks, from cutting down tree limbs to removing stubborn beams, and it never let me down.

What really stood out to me was its lightweight design. It’s compact enough to be easy to use for extended periods, yet it has an impressive power output. The build quality is solid and durable, which I appreciate for a tool that will see a lot of use.

That being said, there was a slight drawback that I noticed during my time with the chainsaw. It didn’t come with a battery, which required an additional purchase. It would have been convenient for the battery to be included, making the package more complete.

Overall, the Mellif Cordless Power Chainsaw for DeWalt proved to be a fantastic addition to my toolkit. It’s powerful, lightweight, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a quality chainsaw for their outdoor projects.

MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 8" Electric Pruning Saw


I’ve been using the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Battery Chainsaw for quite some time now, and I must say, it’s been an absolute game-changer in my daily life. Not only does it provide the power needed to cut through even the toughest hardwoods, but it also ensures quick, clean cuts every single time.

One of the features that truly impressed me is its ergonomic design, which contributes to increased control and maneuverability in tight access areas. Weighing less than 5lbs without a battery and featuring a compact design, this chainsaw has made my tasks much more manageable.

While I thoroughly enjoyed using this product, there were a few aspects that could use some improvement. The battery life, for example, could be a bit more efficient, as I often find myself running out of power midway through my work. Additionally, the charging time for the battery seems a bit longer than ideal.

Overall, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Battery Chainsaw has been a dependable and powerful tool in my hands. Its fast cutting speed, ergonomic design, and efficient saw chain have made it a go-to option in my daily life.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. Cordless Electric Pruning Saw


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Battery Chainsaw and I have to say, it was quite an experience. The first thing that stood out to me was its compact design and lightweight nature; it only weighed less than 5 lbs. without a battery. This made it incredibly easy to maneuver and control, even in tight spaces.

One of the most impressive features of this chainsaw was its POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, which maintained speed under heavy loads without bogging down. This allowed me to complete demanding cuts faster than I ever thought possible with a battery-powered tool. Additionally, the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence provided full-circle communication between the tool and battery, resulting in unmatched performance, protection, and productivity levels.

Despite its tiny size, this powerful chainsaw boasts a maximum cut diameter of 7.50 in. and has the capability to cut through hardwoods with ease. It’s a perfect fit for professional arborists, landscape maintenance professionals, and power utility linemen.

In terms of user-friendly features, the M18 FUEL technology enables the saw to reach full throttle in under 1-second, while the variable speed trigger allowed me to have ultimate control over the power range. The onboard scrench storage, lanyard loop, climbing scabbard, and automatic oiler were all thoughtful additions that made my experience even more enjoyable.

Overall, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 in. 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Battery Chainsaw was a game-changer for me, offering increased control, access, power, and efficiency. While there may be some drawbacks to its battery-only usage, the convenience and performance gains more than make up for it.

Lightweight Cordless Mini Chainsaw for Easier Gardening Tasks


Dive into the world of miniature chainsaws with the bei & Hong Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6-Inch. This compact, efficient tool has become a game-changer in my daily gardening routine. The minute I picked it up, I was impressed by its lightweight design. Weighing in at just 0.7 kg (1.65 lb), it’s a breeze to carry around the yard, tending to my trees and bushes.

What stood out to me the most is its ease of use, especially for those of us who may not be the most skilled with power tools. Its simplicity allowed me to accomplish tasks quickly and safely. The 5M/S chain speed and 26V 3000mAh battery provide ample power for wood cutting, tree trimming, and gardening.

However, I did encounter a few minor drawbacks. The lack of an internal oil container for the chain can be inconvenient, but I found a workaround using a small container and frequent sprays of heavy oil. Additionally, the charge time for the batteries is longer than advertised, but having two spare batteries in the package is a thoughtful addition.

Despite these small drawbacks, the bei & Hong Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6-Inch has proven to be an invaluable tool in my garden. It’s a versatile and efficient companion that has made my outdoor tasks so much easier and more enjoyable.

High-Performance 16" Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Oiling System


I recently had the opportunity to use the WEN 16" Electric Chainsaw in my garden as I dealt with a fallen tree and some stubborn branches. The power of this chainsaw is impressive — it’s like having a helpful assistant in your yard!

One of the best features of this chainsaw is its lightweight design. I didn’t feel any fatigue during my garden clean-up, which is a definite plus. Plus, the auto-oiling system made my life easier by keeping both the blade and chainsaw in great condition. I’ve never had to worry about getting the chainsaw oiled manually again, which is a big relief.

However, the one area this chainsaw falls short in is the tool-free chain change feature. I found it a bit challenging to replace the chains for the first time. It took me a little longer than expected, but I suppose the learning curve is part of the process. If you plan to replace the chain frequently, this detail might be worth considering.

Another minor concern I had was storing the chainsaw. It leaks a bit of oil when stored, which is something I’d advise being aware of. It isn’t a major issue, just something to keep in mind when you’re done using the chainsaw.

Overall, the lightweight design and powerful performance make the WEN 16" Electric Chainsaw a great addition to any yard. Just remember to give it a bit more time when it comes to the tool-free chain changes, and take the necessary precautions with the storage to prevent any minor leaking issues.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Chainsaw for Professionals


As I got my hands on the Hyper Tough 9-Amp 14-inch chainsaw, I couldn’t help but notice the sleek and compact design. The first time I used it, I felt a surprising power for a tool of its size. I was cutting through branches like a pro in no time, grateful for the tool-less chain tensioning system that made adjustments a breeze.

However, even though the safety brake worked fast and effectively, the product’s overall build did not meet my expectations. After a few uses, I noticed some loose screws, leading me to worry about the chainsaw’s long-term durability. Although the weight of 6.6 lbs made it easy to maneuver, I started to wish for more sturdiness.

In conclusion, the Hyper Tough 9-Amp 14-inch chainsaw offered good power, ease of use, and a neat design, but couldn’t quite compete with top-of-the-line chainsaws due to build concerns. With a bit of improvement, this could be a strong contender in the market, but as of now, it just falls short of the mark.

High-Efficiency Brushless Cordless 16" Electric Chainsaw with Overmold Grip


I recently had the chance to test out the Atlas 40V Brushless Cordless 16 in. Chainsaw, and I must say, it’s quite a powerful little tool. The first thing that caught my attention was the instant electric start — no more pull cords to deal with! Once it’s up and running, it’s incredibly efficient and feels professional-grade in my hands. The wrap-around handle provides a stable grip that helped me tackle the tougher tree branches with ease.

One aspect I particularly liked is the automatic oiler with the easy oil-viewing window. This feature ensures the chain stays lubricated and extends the life of the product — something I’ve never come across with traditional chainsaws. I was also impressed with the overmold grip, which added a layer of user comfort during those longer cutting sessions.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I encountered with this chainsaw. Firstly, the chain tensioner seemed to be pretty loose, causing me to constantly adjust it while in use. The buckling spikes were also not as effective as I hoped, making it a bit tricky to securely cut larger logs. Lastly, the chain would consistently throw itself out of the guides, requiring some additional attention and effort to keep it in place.

Overall, the Atlas 40V Brushless Cordless 16 in. Chainsaw is a solid option for anyone looking to step up their chainsaw game and ditch the gas-powered option. Just be prepared to spend a little extra time ensuring the chain stays in place and making the necessary adjustments.

Flexvolt 16-inch Chainsaw — Max 60 Volt Cordless Brushless with Chain and Low Kickback Bar


I recently got my hands on the DeWalt Flexvolt cordless brushless chainsaw, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the experience. The 60V MAX tool is perfect for those big projects that require some serious cutting power, and it really lives up to its reputation with 70 cuts per charge on a 6x6 pine wood.

One of the first things I noticed was the smooth, quarter-turn oil cap for quick oil refills, which made lubrication a breeze. I didn’t have to worry about any unexpected downtime due to dry chain issues. The low kickback bar and chain allowed me to take on some pretty large limbs, logs, and beams without any issues.

Now, let’s talk about my less-than-perfect experience. The service I received from DeWalt, at least on my end, left a lot to be desired. I’m talking about delayed responses, an unresponsive service center, and a lack of updates on my warranty repairs, which left me feeling a bit less than satisfied.

Lastly, I want to address the concerns about the product’s durability. I did have a few leaks, but after addressing these issues, I was able to get the saw up and running again. It’s not perfect, but it definitely has its pros and cons. Overall, I’m still glad I gave this chainsaw a try, but I’m hoping for better support from DeWalt in the future.

Battery-Powered Pruning Chainsaw with Up to 55 Cuts per Charge


Using the Black+decker BCCS320C1 electric chainsaw in my daily life has genuinely made a difference in my pruning tasks. The first thing I noticed was its 6-inch bar and chain, which packs a powerful cutting capacity of up to 4 inches. Paired with the 20V MAX battery, this chainsaw can give you up to 55 cuts per charge, making it an efficient choice for trimming branches and cutting smaller pieces of wood.

One aspect that stood out to me was the integrated tip guard, which added stability during upcuts, and the onboard wrench for tool-free tensioning made it convenient for me to maintain the tool. Although it’s lighter and more compact than traditional models, I discovered that the pruning chainsaw is still rugged and stout, lasting even better than its cheaper counterparts.

There were a few minor cons, however — for example, the 6-inch bar may limit its capabilities for larger tasks, and the lack of a power cord could be an advantage in some instances but a drawback in others. But overall, my experience with the Black+decker BCCS320C1 electric chainsaw has been nothing short of positive, making pruning tasks a breeze.

Precision 24V Cordless 6-Inch Brushless Pruning Saw with Included Battery and Charger


Imagine the convenience of a compact, powerful chainsaw that fits perfectly in your hand — that’s what the Kobalt 24-Volt 6-in brushless battery chainsaw is all about! As someone who’s used a few different chainsaws, I have to say that this little tool has become my go-to for those quick cuts around the yard.

One of the features that stood out to me was the adjustable speed, which gives you just the right amount of control for precision cuts. The automatic oiler also added a touch of hassle-free convenience to the experience. However, the tool-less chain tension was a bit of a letdown, as I found it tricky to get the right tension.

The compatibility with Kobalt and Oregon chains was a nice touch, but I did find the cutting action of the blade to be a bit too aggressive for the bar length. It took a little getting used to, but once I adjusted to it, I was able to make quick work of my tree limbing and pruning tasks.

Despite the minor drawbacks, the lightweight nature of this chainsaw was a game-changer. I could use it overhead without tiring out, and the self-oiling feature and battery charge indicator were also welcome additions. While I would have appreciated a hard case for storage, overall, I’m happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this chainsaw to anyone looking for a powerful, portable tool for their yard work.

WEN Electric Chainsaw: Eco-Friendly Power for Effortless Tree Trimming


Using the WEN 4015 Electric Chainsaw in my backyard was truly a game changer. The powerful 9-amp motor let me do my yard work without any gas fumes or noise. The lightweight design made it easy to carry and use for hours.

One of the most impressive features was the auto-oiling system. It kept the saw running smoothly without the hassle of constantly adding oil. The inclusion of an extension cord made it hassle-free to use around the garden.

The 14-inch chain was perfect for cutting through thick branches with ease. Its high-speed rotations made quick work of trees, and I could see the power at work.

However, I’ve noticed that its weight might be a concern for some users as it’s heavier than expected. But overall, it provided me with a robust cutting experience and kept my yard looking beautiful. The WEN Electric Chainsaw, with its powerful motor and user-friendly features, is definitely a must-have for anyone looking to groom their garden without the mess and smell of gasoline.

Powerful & Lightweight Chainsaw for Efficient Cutting


I’ve been using the BLACK & DECKER CS1518 corded chainsaw for a while now, and it’s become my go-to tool for any trimming or cutting tasks around my property. The first thing that stood out to me was how easy it was to maneuver — the lightweight design made it a breeze to handle in different cutting orientations. The powerful 15 Amp motor made quick work of even the most demanding cuts, and the smooth, fast cuts were a testament to the Oregon low-kickback 18 in. bar and chain.

However, there were a couple of downsides to this otherwise excellent chainsaw. One was the difficulty of seeing the oil level through the window — it would have been helpful to have a more visible indicator of how much oil was left. Additionally, I found that I had to check the chain for tightening every few cuts on branches with a diameter of only 3 inches. This led me to wonder about the chain’s longevity when cutting thicker branches or logs.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the BLACK & DECKER CS1518 corded chainsaw has been an invaluable tool in my daily life. Its smooth cutting action, lightweight design, and powerful motor have made it my preferred choice for any cutting or trimming tasks, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use chainsaw.

Powerful 14-inch Electric Chainsaw for Smooth Cuts


I had the opportunity to try out the Craftsman CMECS614 Electric Chainsaw and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for my outdoor projects. One of the first things I noticed was the powerful motor — it makes quick work of any tree or branch I come across. The auto-oiling feature is a huge plus, eliminating the hassle of priming and refilling the oil tank.

One thing that stood out to me is the low kickback bar and chain. This feature made the chainsaw feel smoother and safer to use, even when tackling tougher jobs. I also appreciated the convenient storage with the integrated Versatrack hook, which makes it easy to put away after use.

However, I did notice a few minor drawbacks. The chainsaw tends to go through oil quite quickly, which means I had to refill it more often than I’d like. Additionally, there seems to be an issue with the oil level indicator, as it’s a bit tricky to read and can cause some spills while filling it up.

Overall, the Craftsman Electric Chainsaw proved to be a reliable and efficient tool for my outdoor projects. Despite the minor quirks, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable chainsaw for their home or small business.

Dewalt Electric Chainsaw: High-Efficiency 2.8 HP Motor for Heavy-Duty Cutting


As a reviewer, I’ve had the chance to try out the DeWalt DWCS600 electric chainsaw, and I must say, it was quite the experience. One of the many highlights that stood out to me was the high cut capacity of this chainsaw. It’s 18-inch bar and chain delivered a level of power that was akin to a gas-powered chainsaw, but with a fraction of the hassle.

The 15-amp motor was another impressive feature, allowing me to tackle heavy-duty jobs with ease and precision. It’s speed of up to 12.5 m/s was simply astounding, letting me finish more in less time. Additionally, the optimized efficiency of the chainsaw did not go unnoticed. The 2.8 HP brushless motor made it a breeze to keep up with demanding tasks.

However, there were some aspects of the DeWalt DWCS600 that could use some improvement. For one, the durability of the chainsaw seemed somewhat lacking. I’ve heard from other users that the chainsaw’s motor tends to fail after only a few hours of use, and it’s not the most reliable when it comes to oil leaks.

Nevertheless, I’ve found the DeWalt DWCS600 to be a powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use chainsaw for those in need of a reliable tool for heavy-duty cutting tasks. Despite its flaws, I believe it’s still a solid choice for those in the market for a dependable electric chainsaw.

Powerful and Portable 8" Electric Chain Saw with Telescoping Pole for Easy Tree Trimming


When I decided to take on my overgrown garden, I stumbled upon the WEN 4019 6-Amp 8" Electric Telescoping Pole Saw. I was initially drawn to its telescoping pole which adjusts anywhere from 5.3 feet to 7.3 feet, offering up to 12 feet of overhead reach. This feature allowed me to trim even the tallest branches without having to climb a ladder. The 6-amp motor proved powerful and efficient, with the blade rotating at an impressive 36 feet per second. I also appreciated the automatic oiling system, which kept my chain properly lubricated without any hassle. Additionally, the tool-free blade changes made for easy and quick tensioning between cuts.

However, there were a few drawbacks to my experience with this pole saw. The weight of 7.2 pounds was manageable, but the balance was off due to all the weight being on the far end. This made it a bit dangerous to use, as I had to expend extra energy to maintain balance. Furthermore, the ambidextrous built-in safety switch, while a nice feature, was not as sturdy as I would have liked, causing me to worry about its durability. The scabbard provided to protect the chain and bar between jobs was also disappointing as it did not fit my pole saw securely.

Overall, the WEN 4019 6-Amp 8" Electric Telescoping Pole Saw turned out to be a useful tool for maintaining my garden. Its strong motor, adjustable telescoping pole, and automatic oiling system made it efficient and relatively easy to use. However, the imbalance in weight and the lackluster quality of the built-in safety switch and scabbard detracted from the overall experience.

Lightweight 20V Max Lithium Ion Electric Chainsaw with Low Kick-Back Bar and Chain


As a newbie chainsaw user, I was eager to try out the Zegjaw Cordless Chainsaw. With its low kickback 10-inch bar and chain, I thought it would be the perfect tool for trimming tree limbs and tackling outdoor cutting tasks.

The first thing that stood out to me was the length of the chain — 10 inches was just the right amount of capabilities to get those pesky limbs trimmed with minimal effort. Plus, the 10-inch chain pitch ensured smooth and efficient cutting, reducing the risk of kickback.

What really impressed me was the lightweight design of the battery-powered chainsaw, which made it easy for me to control and maneuver around the workspace. The high-efficiency motor also maxed out runtime and motor efficiency, ensuring I could get the job done with ease.

However, some aspects of the chainsaw left me a bit frustrated. For instance, the battery life only lasted around 30 minutes for me, and it took almost two hours to charge fully. Additionally, the tension adjustment for the chain seemed a bit tricky to figure out at first.

Despite the battery issues and the slight learning curve with the tension adjustment, I’m overall happy with my experience using the Zegjaw Cordless Chainsaw. It proved to be a reliable and powerful tool for small to medium-sized cutting tasks, making it a worthwhile addition to my gardening arsenal.

High-Power Cat 60V Brushless Electric Chainsaw with 18-inch Bar


I recently had the chance to try out the Cat DG631.9 60V 18-inch Brushless Chainsaw, and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer in my daily life! As someone who loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time on my property, I’ve always relied on gas-powered chainsaws, but this one is different.

Firstly, the power of this electric chainsaw is impressive — it’s 40% more powerful than traditional brushless motors, making it perfect for tackling tough cutting jobs. Its 3/8-inch low profile chain pitch and 18-inch bar make it incredibly efficient, while weighing only 16.3 lbs. with the battery installed.

When it comes to maintenance, this chainsaw shines — its tool-less chain tensioning means I can have perfect chain tension every time, and the automatic chain oiler ensures my bar and chain are well-lubricated for less wear and tear. I also love the reduced kickback bar nose, which has made using the chainsaw much safer.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this brushless chainsaw is that it’s better than gas; no more noise, maintenance, or nasty fumes. It’s a high-performance tool without any of the drawbacks of traditional gas-powered chainsaws.

Overall, the Cat DG631.9 60V Brushless Chainsaw has quickly become a staple in my toolkit. It’s powerful, efficient, and incredibly easy to use and maintain. If you’re looking for a reliable electric chainsaw that will make your outdoor tasks a breeze, I highly recommend giving this one a try!

Hyper Tough 16-inch Electric Corded Chainsaw — Lightweight, Powerful, and Gas-Free Cutting Experience


I recently tried out the Hyper Tough Corded Electric Chainsaw, and it lived up to its name. The powerful 15-amp motor provided smooth, consistent cutting, and I was surprised at how quick and efficient it was. Weighing under 11 lbs. , it’s a pleasant departure from gas-powered chainsaws, as it was surprisingly quiet and low-vibration.

The Automatic Chain Brake and Tool-Less Chain Tensioning System are fantastic features that added to my overall satisfaction, making it easy to use and maintain. The Automatic Chain Oiler and Metal Bucking Spike performed effectively and added to its cutting prowess.

However, I had a few minor frustrations. The cord on the chainsaw appeared flimsy and struggled with the power demands. But, I found the real deal-breaker was the chain oil capacity. The volume seemed insufficient, leading to continuous oil depletion, which was troublesome while cutting.

Despite minor complaints, the Hyper Tough Corded Electric Chainsaw remains a potent, well-designed tool for home, farm, or business use. Whether you’re taking down a massive tree or chopping up firewood, this electric chainsaw can handle it smoothly without the typical hassle of gas and battery-powered options.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to cutting through wood, electric chainsaws provide a powerful and efficient solution. They’re environmentally friendly, easy to use, and require minimal maintenance. This buyer’s guide will help you understand the important features, considerations, and advice to help you choose the best electric chainsaw for your needs.

Type and Power of Electric Chainsaw


Electric chainsaws come in two categories: corded and cordless. Corded models offer higher power output and better performance, but you need to manage the power cord. Cordless chainsaws are more convenient, but they tend to be less powerful and have a shorter runtime. Consider the length of your tasks, the power requirements, and your preference for either type.

Cutting Capacity and Bar Length

The cutting capacity and bar length of an electric chainsaw determine the thickness of wood it can handle. If you plan to cut through thick logs or large branches, opt for a chainsaw with a longer bar length. Consider the size of the wood you’ll be cutting and choose a bar length accordingly.

Weight and Portability

Since you’ll likely use your electric chainsaw for extended periods, portability and weight are important factors to consider. Opt for a lightweight model with a decent handle and ergonomic design for comfortable use. Additionally, a well-balanced design ensures better control and ease of maneuverability.


Additional Features and Accessories

Depending on the types of tasks you plan to perform with your electric chainsaw, consider additional features such as a motor brake, automatic oiler, or a protective covering. Some manufacturers also offer different accessories, such as adapters, additional chains, or battery packs. Make sure these features are compatible with your chosen chainsaw model.

Safety Measures

Safety is essential when using an electric chainsaw. Make sure the chainsaw has safety features such as a chain stop, low kickback design, and handguard. Always wear protective gear, including safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection.

Maintaining and Storing Your Electric Chainsaw


Regular maintenance and proper storage can prolong the life of your electric chainsaw. After each use, clean and oil the chain and sharpen it when necessary. Ensure the battery is charged and properly stored when not in use. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and storage to maintain the effectiveness and safety of your electric chainsaw.

Budget and Warranty

Determine your budget for an electric chainsaw before making a purchase. While it might be tempting to go for a budget option, remember that a lower price could mean fewer features, lower performance, or compromised safety. Research warranty information and customer reviews to help you choose a reliable and high-quality electric chainsaw that suits your budget.

With the right electric chainsaw and proper usage, you’ll be able to efficiently and safely tackle wood cutting tasks. By considering the factors detailed in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best electric chainsaw for your needs.



Why should I choose an electric chain saw over a gas one?

Electric chain saws are quieter, lighter, and require less maintenance than gas-powered chainsaws. They also produce fewer emissions and are easier to start.

What are the benefits of using an electric chain saw?

Electric chainsaws offer reduced noise pollution, reduced vibration, and lower weight compared to gas-powered alternatives. They’re also more environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions and requiring less oil and gas.

Additionally, electric chainsaws are easy to operate, and many come with features such as automatic oilers and chain tensioning, making the cutting process more efficient and convenient.

What features should I look for when purchasing an electric chain saw?

  • Power source: Determine whether you prefer a corded or cordless electric chainsaw based on your needs.
  • Motor power: A higher wattage motor typically means a more powerful chainsaw, capable of handling thicker and harder materials.
  • Chain length: Choose a chain length that suits your needs. Longer chains can handle larger trees, while shorter chains are more suitable for smaller branches and shrubs.
  • Automatic oiling system: Look for a chainsaw with an automatic oiling system to keep the chain lubricated throughout the cutting process.
  • Safety features: Consider features like a low-kickback chain, blade brake, and thumb-operated chain lock to reduce the risk of injury and accidents.

Which electric chain saw has the most power?

As of now, there isn’t a definitive answer to this question, as there are various electric chainsaws available in the market, and their power can vary depending on their specifications and motor wattage.

What is the difference between a corded and cordless electric chain saw?

  • Power source: Corded electric chainsaws require a constant power source (a wall outlet) and have non-removable batteries. Cordless electric chainsaws use rechargeable batteries that can be swapped or charged on the go.
  • Runtime: Corded electric chainsaws can run for longer periods, while cordless electric chainsaws have a limited runtime, usually a few hours, depending on the battery capacity.
  • Mobility: Cordless electric chainsaws offer more mobility due to their rechargeable batteries, providing the ability to work in remote areas without access to an electrical outlet.
  • Weight: Cordless electric chainsaws tend to be lighter than corded models, making them more comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

What is the lifespan of an electric chain saw?

The lifespan of an electric chain saw can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the quality of the product. With proper care and maintenance, an electric chainsaw can last for several years, or even over a decade.

It is essential to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow the maintenance schedule to extend the life of your electric chainsaw.